mini sessions

mini sessions

c h r i s t m a s
m i n i s

This year tree sessions will be held in both Dural (Sydney) and Kulnura (Central Coast).

So for all of you who live on the coast and don't want to drive down to Sydney, I've made it work for you!
Tree sessions will be held all throughout November over sunset with both weekend and weekday options available 
Total cost -$290

Inclusions - 12 digital images | 15 mins


These are always a favourite of mine! This year will be oh 
so much better as they will be held in my new studio, Toukley.

The setup will be the same as last years but with more space and a couple of additional bits and bobs throughout my studio.

These are for the whole family or just the kids. Whatever you prefer. Date -

November 19th

Total cost - $250

Inclusions -
10 digital images | Use of client closet | 20 mins

This was a first last year and boy it did not disappoint! This year is not to be missed. The crinkles have been ironed out and it is all stations go for an exciting day of yummy, warm chocolate baths and giant marshmallows! 

So if your child is between the ages of 6months and 3 years old, this is for you. 

I'm happy to include siblings in the session - they will be able to sit around the teacup and pose in front of the backdrop also.

November 25th

Total cost - $210

Inclusions -
10 digital images | all props etc | 30 mins
*non-dairy long life chocolate milk is used mixed with warm water 

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